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  • Revolutionary metal conditioner
  • Not Oil Based
  • Lowers metal on metal friction
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Offers a wide range of uses (Manufacturing, Car maintenance, Home use)
  • Bonds directly to metal
  • Without the use of Teflon, Copper or Lead
  • Improve Engine Performance
  • The ideal oil additive
  • Improve Gearbox Performance
  • Increases the longetivity of parts



Motorsport Professional Dodo Studenič advice to motorists:
"Don't give into manufacturers advice completely."
30,000 Kilometers; A rough interval, manufacturers recommend today for an oil change.
Why do car manufacturers set such long oil change intervals?
All mass-manufactured cars of today are deliberately designed for a service life of between 200 and 300,000 kilometers, also called planned obsolence in the industry.
With such engine usage, an engine will last without any problems even if you change the oil later. But if you want the maximum longetivity, and drive your vehicle for a longer period of time use METALTEC


Friction Reduction Test

Without the use of METALTEC
With the use of a specialized machine, we were able to test the effect of METALTEC on metal on metal friction under variations of increases in pressure. We tested two separate metall rollers.
In the picture on the left, the roller is lubricated only with industrial lubricating fluid.
Due to friction, a depresssion was dug into the roller, which would preent the operation of the machine in the event of formation on a machine part. The same scenario would occur if oil leaked and the engine would stall.
With the use of METALTEC
We replaced the worn roller with a new one and added METALTEC to the lubricant.
METALTEC immediately adhered perfectly to the surface of the metal, thus preventing damage that would otherwise be created by friction under pressure. METALTEC can just as well protect the engine in the car or the mower in the event of an oil leak.
With its properties, METALTEC improves the operation of the engine, helps with cold starts and prologns the life of all machines where metal on metal contact occurs.